Blogtober - Day 8 - New Clothes

Today has been very productive.  For me, that is - nothing happened on the building front.  They get a long weekend as they're waiting on more materials to arrive.

I spent the day holed up in my office keeping the sewing machines company.
It took me most of Tuesday to trace & cut a pile of patterns, then cut out the material for this t-shirt.

BigMiss is quite pleased with it.

I also made these easy bike-pants. 
Artsy photo taken by MiddleMiss

I've been meaning to make some for the girls to wear under their school uniform for ages (little girls have no modesty when playing - or even just tying shoe laces!)  I wasn't sure how the pattern was designed to fit, so only made one to see and choose what sizes to make each of them.  This one fit MiddleMiss perfectly - without even having to put elastic in the top.  (I'll see how it goes with wear as to whether I put any in.)  I have to make a bigger size for BigMiss still.

Then LittleMiss felt she was missing out, so I spent the rest of the day cutting out and sewing up this top.
Excuse the still-half-asleep look

I'm not too sure if I really like it though.  It seems too wide.  It might end up going to cousin J for a birthday present in a couple of months time.

And yesterday I finally got around to blocking the top I finished knitting for BigMiss.
She had great fun posing for me!

I'm halfway through writing up the pattern for it, and already started on the prototype for the DK/8ply version.


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