Blogtober - Day 29 - 'Twas the Night Before...

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No, not Christmas.  But for MiddleMiss it sure feels like it!  The long awaited B-Day is tomorrow.

At least with it being Saturday, we won't all have to get up super extra early to do presents before the morning school routine.  But I doubt we'll be getting much of a sleep-in anyway.

I've also managed a bit of a cop-out with the birthday party affair and we're just having an extended family BBQ tea.  Saves a lot of baking fancy party food and sugar overload!  I've done a cake at least, and prepared for a pass-the-parcel game with the cousins so it will still be a little bit of a party.  And MiddleMiss will still get presents from everyone and feel special which is the main thing.
If I don't get back on tomorrow with an update, then I'll try catch up on Monday to round off my last Blogtober posting.


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