Let It Snow!

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New Zealand in winter is not a very 'white' place, especially in the lower North Island where we live.  But today we woke up to a light dusting of the white stuff and the girls thought it was great!

They managed to get very wet making a little snow pile (not a man, just a pile).  Fortunately, I made them hang up their jackets and gear in front of the fire to dry as soon as they came in, because the lots-more-adventurous-than-me Aunty T phoned at mid-morning wanting to go to the snow and take the girls for company!

(If you want to get to decent, make-a-snowman snow around here, you just drive to the foot of the Tararua Ranges at Holdsworth which is only about 15-20mins from our house.)

Being school holidays and all, everyone seemed to be out there, including Aunty N and the cousins, so the girls had a great time.

I quite enjoyed staying dry and warm at home (and it was nice and quiet too).   


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Purr, Purr...

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I made a bean bag for BigMiss' birthday last month.

It's been getting a lot of use, and not just by the girls.

Oh, and the dog got a new basket too - preparing for when we finally get carpet and she won't be allowed inside except straight through the door and into her basket (this has a bit more room than the last one).

I think I need to get more beans for the bag as it was just perfect, but it seems they might have compressed with use - I can't sit on it without hitting the ground.  It doesn't bother the girls though, they still find it perfect for jumping off the couch onto!


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How Do You Spell...?

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Today was the girls' last day of term.  Now we have two weeks of holidays!

At the end of each term they bring home an assessment folder showing examples of their work, various tests and general 'this is how your child is doing' information on the main skills (reading, writing, maths) for the term.

MiddleMiss had a spelling test in her assessment folder.  Both J and I found it rather entertaining:

Only minor mistakes with those ones, but the next few take a bit of deciphering:
apresheate (appreciate)
signatrer (signature)
espeshly (especially)
fimiler (familier)
sematery (cemetery)
garanty (guarantee)

But these ones I love:
enthooseastick (enthusiastic)
sicksesful (successful)
politishen (politician)
misalanese (miscellaneous - this one took a bit of figuring out)

And there's a few that I can't make out what the word is supposed to be.

I'm sure you're probably wondering why they even give those sorts of words to a 6 year old to be tested on.  Basically, a whole list of words are read out, starting with easy ones (on, the, go, me) then getting harder and the kids spell as many as they can and they're graded based on how many they get right.  As the classes are mixed grade (three year levels to the one teacher), the words are a broad range.

So, we're not too worried that she got all these big words wrong, especially as her spelling level is that of a 10 year old according to the words she did get right!


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Lina Mitts

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One of my little niece's had a birthday last week.

This is the little niece that has an abundance of toys to play with and spends as much time as she's allowed out on the farm with her Dada anyway.  So what do you give for a present?

A knitted hat and mitt set of course!

Done in a nice bright red - easy to spot in the paddocks if she decides to go wander off to meet Dada without telling Mum first!

She was very excited when she opened them and nicely posed for photos.

And, if you want to make your own pair of mitts, I've put the pattern up for free here on Ravelry.  (The hat pattern is not my own, but it's free through Ravelry too - Lina.)

Lina Mitts Pattern Details

One size - to fit an average child (approx 2-10yrs)
Only uses scraps of yarn - 83m/90yds of DK/8ply (mine is done in Vintage Purls Max)
Guage:  22sts x 30rows over 4"/10cm on size 6/4.00mm needles in stocking stitch


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Help Me Out Here, Please?

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If you visit my blog often, you might have noticed that I've change the colours, yet again.

I wasn't really that happy with the last template I'd used, though I don't know if I'm that happy with it all now either.

I would love to have my own logo to put on the header and that I could use for on my patterns.  But I'm not a graphic designer, or even have any software to do it with, let alone know what I actually want.

I love the logo for Red Riding Hood Yarns and how simple, yet perfect for the name it is.

Does anyone know of a cheap (or free) graphic designer?  Or have any ideas of what would be a good picture/logo idea to go with my blog name - What to Make Next?


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