I Went Shopping!

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After a trip to Levin (which really is a long drive from Masterton) I came home with this purchase of t-shirt fabric.  I don't think I'll be needing to buy the girls any tops for a while.  The pile on the left is cottons, the middle pile is merino and the right pile is cotton sweatshirting.  Now to spend some time perusing my pattern books and sorting out the tension on my overlocker...

(Levin was a detour on a shopping trip to Palmerston North with my SIL.  I came home with a little pile of nice new clothes too, which has been so desperately needed since before last winter.)


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Only 10 more days to go!

Until our internet is back to normal speed that is.

I should be grateful, really, as I've spent less time than usual on the net since it's been so labouriously slow.  But I've wanted to post about all the crafting I've been up to but can't bring myself to spend half a day waiting for pictures to upload.

Today is normally my child-free day (morning) but as my normal work days over the last two weeks have been interrupted by poor sick kiddies I'm spending it at work doing a little catch-up.  And as I can connect up my laptop to the internet at normal speed while I'm here, I thought I'd also have a quick catch-up on what I've been making lately...

First up, I've been doing a test crochet for a lovely designer on Ravelry for a cute skirt pattern.  I just finished weaving in the ends yesterday and took a few pictures to put up on my Projects Page:

This pattern is Coconut Ice due for release next month.  I made it longer than the pattern says so it sits at MiddleMiss' knees.  It's made in BWM Cotton 8ply in colours Teal and White.

Next up, I've been sewing a bit also.  My step-dad's father passed away from cancer recently and Mum & P visited us over the weekend of his funeral.  They bought a big box of clothes with them to sort through and put in the clothing bins and there was a fair amount of good quality woollen clothing that I had to keep.  There were two knitted cardigans that looked hardly worn - great for unpicking.  There were three heavy-weight jersey-type fabric cardigans that would turn into nice warm winter jerseys or jackets for the girls and there were two pairs of wool-mix dress pants.

So, two pairs of this (one a slightly darker brown than the other):

Turned into this:

A very nice dress for BigMiss who has been asking for a dress for the last two years!  She likes it a lot, though I can't say the same for J - he thinks it looks like it's got a hoop in the hem when she wears it.  I'm making a nice pink top to go with it so I'll get a modelled photo when I've done that too and you can give your opinion.

A close-up of the flower detail:
I couldn't buy anything decent to embellish it with so I just made a crochet flower and put beads at the centre.

The only other things I've been up to lately have been design/knit work on my own patterns some more.  I finished the Amelia dress and am yet to write up the pattern for it.  I've knit a little of (and frogged) the jersey for the prem twins, but have worked out all the grading for the pattern so just have to re-knit it and write the pattern as I go and it'll be ready for testing.

Here's a sneak peek at the Amelia Dress:


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Go Slow

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So my Mum came and visited for the weekend.  And she had to download her iTunes while she was here (she'd been missing them and thought it was a good time to catch up?  or something?)  Which took quite a while (most of the evening and still going when we'd gone to bed - but I didn't realise any of this until the next day).

The next morning I checked my email hoping for the pattern from Knitsch and got an email from Xtra saying I'd used up 80% of my broadband allocation for the month.  Then the very next email is from Xtra also, telling me I'd used it all up.

(Apparently, Mum just assumed we had unlimited internet - or something.  She didn't actually ask.)

Now, in the four (or more?) years that we've had broadband we have never used our limit.  Even when they upgraded us from 1GB to 3GB/month.  The closest we'd ever come was actually just last week when I got the first '80% used' email in our internet-use history.

That email had come on the first day of the next billing month I noticed (when I logged in and looked up our internet-use stats).  Which is why I realised immediately with the next emails that our quota was up only one week into the new month!

So, now my internet speed has been reduced down to dial-up speed.  It really sucks.  And I have to put up with it for another three weeks until the end of the billing month.  Hopefully I won't be charged for any extra use over our allowance (so says the website info).  I'll will be passing on the bill if I do!

(So my blog posting will probably be less and maybe not with pictures for the next few weeks.  Just in case you're wondering.  Though my posting is not exactly predictable and regular.  So you might not miss me anyway.)


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