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So my Mum came and visited for the weekend.  And she had to download her iTunes while she was here (she'd been missing them and thought it was a good time to catch up?  or something?)  Which took quite a while (most of the evening and still going when we'd gone to bed - but I didn't realise any of this until the next day).

The next morning I checked my email hoping for the pattern from Knitsch and got an email from Xtra saying I'd used up 80% of my broadband allocation for the month.  Then the very next email is from Xtra also, telling me I'd used it all up.

(Apparently, Mum just assumed we had unlimited internet - or something.  She didn't actually ask.)

Now, in the four (or more?) years that we've had broadband we have never used our limit.  Even when they upgraded us from 1GB to 3GB/month.  The closest we'd ever come was actually just last week when I got the first '80% used' email in our internet-use history.

That email had come on the first day of the next billing month I noticed (when I logged in and looked up our internet-use stats).  Which is why I realised immediately with the next emails that our quota was up only one week into the new month!

So, now my internet speed has been reduced down to dial-up speed.  It really sucks.  And I have to put up with it for another three weeks until the end of the billing month.  Hopefully I won't be charged for any extra use over our allowance (so says the website info).  I'll will be passing on the bill if I do!

(So my blog posting will probably be less and maybe not with pictures for the next few weeks.  Just in case you're wondering.  Though my posting is not exactly predictable and regular.  So you might not miss me anyway.)


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