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It's been a good week for fun packages for me!  After the nice parcel on Monday, I got another parcel on Wednesday...

This was my 2nd installment in the Vintage Purls Winter Sock Club.  I was hoping there would be some colourwork in one of the patterns this time as I've never done it before and have been wanting to try it.  Morag does a great job of her Sock Clubs as I found out in the Summer one and I haven't been disappointed yet.

In the package:
2 Skeins of VP Sock Club exclusive colourways - 'Top Soil' (brown background colour) & 'Beetle' (green foreground colour)
'Bug Out' sock pattern (exclusive to Sock Club members for 6-12 months when she releases it to the public)
A packet of knitting 'gift tags' with spaces to fill in the care details of handmade garments (very useful as I often gift my knitting and wash and care instructions always need to be given as not all wool has to be hand-washed)
A small packet of Cadbury after dinner mints (sorry, they didn't make it to the photo!)
Letter & details about this installment

Then today in the letterbox...

This is my 2nd installment in the Knitsch 'Flights of Fancy' Yarn Club.  Tash is running this club with two colourways each month and you either signed up to the 'Plan Ahead' (get to choose which one you want from a description) or 'Mystery Escape' (complete surprise).  I signed up for the 'Mystery Escape'.

In the package:
1 Skein of Knitsch Yarn Club exclusive colourway 'Polly'
A very handy pencil with an Albert Einstein quote
A roomy WIP (work in progress) bag in a bright daffodil print fabric
Letter explaining the background for the inspiration of the month's colourways
(The pattern for each installment is emailed each month, a day or so after posting of packages so I'm still waiting on that to arrive hopefully tonight or tomorrow)

Anyone else get nice post recently?


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