Why Shouldn't You...

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...go clothes shopping for the man without the man?

Because you then have to drag the kids to the shops again so he can swap things for the right size (or in his case, length).  And getting three kids (that are half-way through the stuck-inside-because-it's-wet holidays) to behave in shops while trying things on is no fun.  At least he was understanding enough to say to me "How did you manage by yourself?" (when I first bought the clothes).

So why, you ask, did I do it in the holidays at all and not wait until school was back and I didn't have the two big ones?  Only because it was J's birthday on Saturday just gone and half the fun for the girls is in the shopping.  Sadly, clothing was the only thing I could think of to get and every item of clothing I got needed to be exchanged.  Except the one that got the best reception - his flashy new completely waterproof hunting jacket:

Now, because I'm useless and hardly ever remember to take photos - or we could just say he wouldn't have let me anyway - this pic was taken from their website

He thinks it's great to have encouragement to take the dog out more and would even be testing it this weekend if he wasn't already going on a trail ride.  Though, I do have to say that the only reason the clothes didn't fit is because his legs and arms are too long - the width of everything was fine.

But, clothes wasn't the only thing he got (I got him chocolate too, but that doesn't count).  He ordered his own birthday present - various parts for the Holden:

Photo taken by LittleMiss
Can you see it rushing past really fast?  If you look closely you'll notice it's missing a windscreen - and all other windows - the bonnet is slightly up and it's parked in the shed.  Yes, it is a PROJECT that LittleMiss has never ridden in as it stopped working and became a project before she was even in existence!

There was a good variety of different sized boxes of parts to be wrapped so that kept the girls entertained for an afternoon.  He hadn't opened the main box to see what had come so it was like a whole lot of 'real' presents in a way.  I did feel a bit like a cop-out so put in the effort and made a cake, even decorating and writing 'Happy Birthday' on it!
Sorry no photos - but it tasted yum!


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