Camping Kiwi Style!

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So what does camping look like for our family?

We had directions from J's sister (she knew the farmer and organised the campsite/paddock use) and ended up about 10 minutes drive along an almost dry riverbed into the hills off the road between Cape Palliser and Ngawi.  All of J's family were there - a total of 14 adults and 11 kids, plus some dutch tourists and their 6mth daughter that were staying for the week with J's parents!

Here's our tent with the smaller tent the big girls used just in front to the left.

There were nine tents arranged around the edge of the paddock and J's two brothers (being more adventurous, or maybe they just wanted to be further away from the night-waking babies) were over the fence in the bush.

We took the girls' bikes with them which got a LOT of use being shared amongst the cousins also.

We ate in style, even though most things were cooked on the BBQ!  Here's MiddleMiss 'whipping' the cream for our pancakes.

There was an array of quad bikes and the 4WD landcruiser to provide transport around the farm tracks and along the riverbed.
 The landcruiser all loaded up to go to the beach!

 Swimming at the beach.

Thursday afternoon was very windy.  A good test of who has the best quality tent!  The girls got a little scared at night worrying about their tent blowing down, but the next day (the wind had died down some) was great for kite flying.
No kites with us, but a plastic bag and fishing line works just as good!

Friday (our last day to do stuff) we went to the Crystal Pools, a secluded, natural swimming hole further round the coast past Ngawi towards Ngapotiki.

 You can climb up (with the help of a rope) above the waterfall where there is a great swimming hole, about 7m deep.

 The more adventurous climbed even further up above the next waterfall.

 The view out towards the ocean.

On the last night we raced out to try and watch the sunset, but were a little bit late.
That's the top of the South Island you can see through the haze.


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