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With my latest design finally finished, printed and sent off to Hannah at Red Riding Hood Yarns I felt like a little break from the mind-work involved in pattern design.  And what better way to do that than a complete change in focus?

I had noticed that a fellow designer on Ravelry was testing a new skirt pattern.  I had previously tested one of her designs a while ago and really liked it.  But I didn't want to commit to a test while I was still in the process of my own work so didn't offer. 

When my design work was all finished, I checked up on how her testing was progressing and noticed she had no one for sizes 6-8yrs - exactly the size for all my girls!  So I offered to whip one up for her as the girls always love new skirts (and LittleMiss was in need).

And as a change, it's crochet!
I love the clean lines and finished appearance crochet has while you're still working it.

This pattern has been pre-released on Ravelry as the designer, Deanne Ramsay of Addydae Designs, is hosting a CAL (crochet-a-long) in one of the groups I belong to.

So, if you're into crochet and have a little miss of your own to crochet for, join in the CAL and you could win yarny goodies!  Deanne has several designs to choose from too.

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  1. Geez I am a bit slow, i have just made the connection!! that you created the pattern for RRHY yarn club that i am about to start. I had no idea if you hadnt of mentioned it in this post. Well done I love the vests! :o)


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