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Do you know what the best thing is about the sewing class I teach at school?

Planning what to make!

I've taught two terms now, and as I only take half the class each term (the other half does cooking), I've been able to do the same project (a skirt) both terms.  But I have the first group of girls back again next term so had to plan something different to make.

The front - minus the button

It had to be something simple, but not too easy that it would be finished before our time was up.  And I really like the idea of something useful and fun (hence why we did a skirt last time).  I decided a bag would be perfect.

The Back

I had several ideas and went trawling the internet to find suitable patterns.  But I kept coming back to one particular bag that I had stumbled across ages ago and always liked.  It was the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag by Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated.

See the fancy internal pockets?  Zip pocket on one side and patch pocket, with compartments for a pencil or two on the other

Now, I thought it was bad manners to just purchase a pattern and use it in a sewing class without asking permission from the designer first so I emailed Meg, telling her about what I was planning on doing with the pattern.  And she emailed back with the amazingly generous offer to send me a pattern for free to use in my class!  (This was not a downloadable pattern - it was a printed pattern she had to post international that she was giving me for free!)

Close-up of the bug 'patch' detail (excuse the flash!)

So the pattern arrived very quickly and I started planning what I was going to make my 'prototype' out of (to show the girls what we were working towards).  J had commented that my current knitting bag was rather 'Nana-ish' and I should really have a nice plain black one.  I always have denim in stash so that was decided for the outer fabric.  But I do like to take advantage of the funky prints available so spent some more time on the internet trying to decide what I liked best.

Bug Party by Saffron Craig used as the main lining

I had stumbled upon a fantastic Aussie designer, Saffron Craig, via a fellow blogger and she just happened to be having free shipping on all fabric purchases in May.  So I ordered my fabric and waited for it to arrive!

Snails & Ladders by Saffron Craig used in the pockets

The package arrived nice and quickly and I got the pattern pieces cut out and ready to sew.  And then, finally, last week I got a chance to sit behind my machine and put it all together.

I made the bag as per the pattern with only a few modifications.  I only made one outside pocket panel (the pattern has one on the front and the back).  I used fusible fleece to back the lining with to make a softer inside.  I added an extra internal pocket with a spot to put a pencil or pen.  I made a button loop instead of the 'wrap around the button' ribbon (though I am yet to put a button on!)

Check back next term to see how it all goes in class!


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  1. I love that bag! I think the lining fabric is really great, and goes so well with the solid coloured outside. Your class is lucky to have you!


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