If Only I Didn't Have to Sleep!

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A fellow blogger, Bethany from Sweet Bee Buzzings, makes and sells some awesome bags.

I can't exactly remember how I found her blog (maybe through Facebook?) but I do remember it was because of a very cool bag that she designed herself:

I fell in love with the beautiful curves as well as the colours in this bag.

Then, just recently, she mentioned that she would be doing a Sew-A-Long to make this bag and I decided that I would have to do it to (I'm sure I need another knitting bag, right?)

Sweet Bee Buzzings

The supplies list went up the other week, complete with the pattern so we could all cut out our material, ready to start in on Monday.  But do you think I was ready?

Hmm, no.  I've been busy depleting my PayPal balance with fabric purchases for other projects, not to mention the fact that I have a long list of sewing-to-be-done:

- Next term for my sewing class I'm planning on making a bag - a simple satchel/messenger bag - so I have to make one first to show the girls what we're aiming towards and familiarise myself with the pattern.  I have the fabric all ready and pattern cut out.

- I am constantly losing track of my interchangeable knitting needle tips and cables and need to make a bag for them.  Pattern purchased and fabric all ready.

- J's cousin is getting married and needs her wedding dress altered.  (That's what happens when you take you own measurements and put the tape across the wrong spot for the hips!)

- I still have a pile of material not put away because the girls really need clothes made for them and if it gets put away then it means it's not happening for a while (but sitting on the floor for several months means it's happening soon?)

- As the days are getting dark by 4.30pm I'm starting to want curtains made for the living area so the neighbors can't see in (this is due to the renovations we've done - more windows).  I don't have fabric yet and the one I like is not the cheapest.

So I might just have to leave the bag sew-a-long for now.  Maybe I can make it when my list is a bit shorter!


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