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I seem to have quite a collection of circular needles in a combination of interchangeables and fixeds.  And I never seem to be able to find them when I need them!  So I decided that I would have to make myself a case to keep them in order.

Ages ago I had seen someone selling interchangeable needle cases on Felt and then heard that she was developing a pattern tutorial for sale.  I eagerly awaited for the pattern to go up and bought one.  I went out and bought my supplies (spent a dangerous amount of time in the local Quilt shop) and cut the pieces out, ready for sewing it together.

But while I was making it, I couldn't help but think how big it was.  I had wanted something compact, similar to a cheque-book sized purse that would fit nicely in my knitting bag.  Instead it turned out slightly bigger than my A5 notebook.  It's a fantastic design and has room for lots of stuff, complete with plastic pockets to keep the needle tips from falling out while still being able to see what's there.

I was a little disappointed as the pattern never says on it what the final size of the case will be.  And it doesn't come with pattern pieces, just dimensions to cut pieces out to without actually telling you what the pieces are for until you've put it all together (which by then is too late as I found out).  Normally, I adjust patterns as I go to suit exactly what I want, which I would've done in this case if there were pattern pieces showing how big the final product was.  So, I sat down and drew out a full size pattern of a new case in the size I wanted it to be and ended up with a completely different needle case.

This got me thinking, would anyone else be interested in a more compact sized interchangeable needle case for their knitting supplies?  The one I've designed is approx 4.5"x9", can fit up to 14 pairs of tips, lots of cables as well as fixed circulars and has two zipped pockets (plus an optional third).  I have the pattern drawn out to size on disc, it's a relatively simple construction and super easy to do up a pdf pattern for it.  All I have to do is take photos of the process to demonstrate and I can have it available for testing.  Is it worth doing, anyone interested?

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  1. your case turned out great! love the fabric

  2. Great fabric choice! Both of these bags look great! I can definitely see the merits of each. I love the idea of the pockets to keep the needles from falling out!

  3. Sounds like you applied some clever thinking and came up with a great end product.

  4. hello Amber! thanks for popping over to my blog today and leaving a comment. you are right... making stamped brown paper with kids is a perfect match!

    i am a knitter too & i love the purse you have made :)

  5. I love your case. Great idea to have a smaller one, as well. I just wish that I wasn't so lazy...!


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