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Last week I did some tracing and cutting which has slowly been sewn together (as spare time appears amongst the mess that is our renovations).  Today I finally finished!

These are the jeans I made for MiddleMiss.  I used the 'Clarabella' pattern from the latest Ottobre magazine.  When I got this issue and read that these pants are specifically designed for slim-hipped girls I knew it would be a well used pattern for me.  MiddleMiss never fits any shop-bought bottoms (pants or skirts) unless they have adjustable waists and then they have to be so bunched up it's uncomfortable.  Whenever I sew her pants/shorts/skirts I have to modify the pattern so much to fit (usually 2-3sizes difference between the waist/hip and length).
And, never one to make a plain pair of pants, I had to dress them up a little.  The back pockets are just cut from some cotton I had in stash (I interfaced them to get more 'wear' out of them) with a strip of pink velvet ribbon across them.  The front hip pockets are lined with the same fabric with the edge showing (kind of a faux-piping look) and the same ribbon to accent.  All topstitching is done in matching pink, too.

They fit her perfectly and she hasn't taken them off all afternoon!

As the jeans only had the hems and belt-loops to sew, then the button to put on, I still had enough time left to finish off the other half done project.
This is using the same pants pattern, but cut down to short length.

Even though I had planned on sewing completely from stash, I ended up having to buy more thread for these shorts for BigMiss.  But that's not too bad anyway is it?

I did the same with these back pockets also.

I could have done a size bigger for BigMiss as they're a little tight round the waist.

I think the problem though, is that the pattern is very high-waisted.  These shorts fit LittleMiss also but the button can't be done up because it goes right across her belly button.

I'm going to change my traced pattern so the waist is 1-2" lower and see how that turns out.  If I can get it right I think this will be a well used pattern for my girls!


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  1. This is so awesome! I have a itty bitty girl too, and have so much trouble getting pants that fit her. She's 8 years old, and needs a 6 or 6X waist, but a 7 length... I need to go check out that pattern and start sewing some pants for her!

  2. How cute! Your idea of going a bit down on the waist is a right one. The pants will sit better that way.


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