Time for Giveaways!

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I had my last child-free day at home today.  There won't be another one for almost eight weeks as tomorrow is the last day of school for the big girls before the Summer holidays.  So instead of the tidying I should have been doing, I spent it tracing patterns and cutting out material.

(Imagine a picture here of two piles of cut & folded material - the camera is in J's truck and he's at soccer so I couldn't take a photo!)

I'm doing some alterations to a wedding dress so had to put my office/sewing room back in order as the change of sleeping/bedroom furniture arrangements messed it up (renovations are still progressing so we've lost two bedrooms to the extension).  The clear desk and easy access to my machines inspired me to get onto the sewing I've been talking about for ages - making shorts for the girls for summer.  But I'm only making shorts for BigMiss first, as J took LittleMiss shopping on Saturday and bought her some and MiddleMiss has a pair of jeans that are ripped at the knee that I can cut off to shorts (I'm making her jeans instead).  And I'm quite pleased to say that these shorts & jeans will be made completely from stash - I don't even need to buy a zip!

Now onto the subject of giveaways!  I have wanted to do a giveaway ever since I started this blog but haven't yet.  Mainly because I didn't know what to give away or a good way to advertise the fact or a decent enough reason.  Then I heard about the Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaway day back in, um, was it May?  I was a bit late finding out about it and didn't really know what to give away, but had fun entering as many giveaways as I could (and found lots of fantastic blogs to follow in the process).
(Click on the image to go to the giveaway info page to find out how it all works)

Now they're doing it again, and this time I intend to be included!  So make sure you check back here on Monday to see what I'm offering and leave several days free (yes, days - it takes that long!) to browse the hundreds of blogs doing giveaways through Sew, Mama, Sew!


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