FREE Yarn!

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I love giveaways!  I'm sure everyone does.

I've been following a blog that had one every week!  (She's just slowing down this year to every fortnight.)

Yarn on the House is a great place to hear about new yarns, patterns, designers and other interesting knitting-related stuff as well as a chance to win something from the latest sponsor.

February 1 marked Veronika's 1 year blogiversary and to celebrate she's giving away a basket load of yarn each to two lucky people!  All you have to do is be a (public) follower of the blog or a member of the YOTH Ravelry group.  For more details on the giveaway, check out this post.

(I don't mind if you don't become a follower or join the group - it'll give me a slightly better chance of winning all that yarn!  Though if you do win, you can share with me...please?)


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  1. Amber, Thanks for sharing...I went ahead and became a follower & joined the group...IF I won I will share with you ;) Do you have to do anything else?

  2. I STILL have a giveaway every week...and you might want to check who won last Friday. ;)


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