Knitting, knitting, knitting

My first multi-sized pattern, Elisaac, is currently with the testers.  All going well, it should be ready for release mid-late October.  I finished my second one a little while ago, but only just took photos today.

I'm hoping my little nephew will come round for a photo-shoot later today.  Modelled photos always look better.

This pattern is designed so the body is worked from the collar down.  It's a rather unique way to knit that saves having to pick up stitches for the collar at the end.  I'm planning on using the technique in more designs.

These two jerseys have been knit in WOOLganics 8ply/DK in colours Gaia, Deep Earth, Gondwana and Raindrop.  I've never used WOOLganics before, but have heard a lot (all good) about it.  I can gladly say that it lives up to it's reputation.  It really is super soft to work with and I would love to use it more!

Currently on the needles, is my next design.

I'm not fully decided on a name, but I'm calling it Clara at the moment - named after the colourway it's knit in.  I'm using Vintage Purls sock wool for this.  This one is from the bad batch of wool (incorrectly superwash treated) that VP was supplied.  I have about 9 skeins from this batch, that needed a purpose other than socks and I only buy one skein of a colour at a time (all limited edition colours, too).  So a summer knit, 100g limit, 4ply design was in order.

I'm blinging it up with beads through the lace section which BigMiss greatly approves of.

This one should be off the needles in a week or two and my pattern is already written up ready for testing.  I'm not sure if I should do one more prototype before testing.  I plan on doing one for each of the girls eventually (I have several VP skeins to use up!)

I would love to try it in a bamboo or silk blend, though, as that will give a good drape to the design I imagine.  Maybe I should adult-size the pattern then one skein from stash won't be enough and I can justify buying new yarn to try it out...


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