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I think I'm not a very good blogger.

I've been meaning to spend some time on here to update the background and things for Spring.  But it's already five days into Spring and I haven't yet.

I've been meaning to update on here about all the things I've been making and getting up to in general.  But I've been too busy doing to blog.

So, the background update will have to wait as that takes a good amount of un-interrupted time to set all my widgets etc up and I will just give a quick run down of the main things I've been up to.  (Really, if I just spent five minutes once a week to blog the things that I plan in my head, I wouldn't feel like it was such a big deal.)

First up, I finished my first pair of socks for myself. 

These are my Theodora's.  Knit in the Vintage Purls' colourway 'Empress' (her pattern also).  Unfortunately, this is one of the colourways that was affected by the non-superwash disaster experienced at Vintage Purls so they've gone a bit fluffy with wear.

The other knitting project I've been working on has been my new pattern, Elisaac.

I offered to knit something for a friend's twin boys.  I wanted something modern and easy.  I think v-neck's always look great on little boys and I love thick & thin stripes.  This design is completely seamless and worked top-down.  The collar is not worked later by picking up stitches - it's worked first and the body is worked down from it.  I've incoropated the stripes into the instructions, but it works the same without them.  I'ts designed to be worked in 8ply/DK yarn (the one above was knit with WOOLganics DK in Gondwana, Gaia and Deep Earth in size 12mths - modelled on my nephew who was not long awake and un-impressed) and to fit from 3mths-10years (chest measument 40.5cm/16"-71cm/28").  This pattern will, hopefully, be up for sale on Ravelry by October.  I'm on the lookout for testers at the moment.  If anyone's interested, email me for details.

I'm halfway through the second one, but ran out of wool.  I'm just waiting for my order to arrive to finish it, so started on the first embellishment I was planning.

This is what I've done so far, but might have to undo it.  It's a tractor, if you can't tell.  I think it seems a little lost against the stripes as just an outline, so will be doing it in duplicate stitch (stitching over each knit stitch to create a solid-coloured design) to make it more bold.

I also need some black wool to do the wheels in.  As I don't have any black wool, I'm planning on trying my hand at dyeing.  BigMiss is doing a school project on wool at the moment and I was hoping to try some wool dyeing with her as part of it also.  This could be a disaster, but as long as we have fun then it's all good!


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  1. Very nice knits - I am envious that you have the stamina to knit for twins - I can barely make it through one of anything before I start something else!


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