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knitting, that is.  Something just for me.

A group I belong to on Ravelry is having a KAL (knit-a-long).  It's to knit a sweater/large garment of your choice in Vintage Purls yarn.  A good friend of mine was kind enough to gift me a large skein of lovely lace weight yarn specifically for this KAL.  After a lot of Ravelry searching, (then Google searching to be able to find somewhere to actually buy the magazine the pattern comes in, which was sold out everywhere I looked, until I found you could purchase and download a digital copy from the publishers) I've chosen to do the Geodesic Cardigan.

This will be the first real* garment I've knitted for myself.  It should make a change from all the kid knits I do.  And I'm looking forward to just following a pattern as a break from all the calculating involved in creating my own.  I do really hope the style suits me...

*real - meaning one that will be used.  I have actually knitted myself a jersey before, but it made me look awful so lived in a box forever after.  Chunky yarn and rib does not suit someone that is of 'average' (meaning short and chunky) build.


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