Competition #2 - How Big?

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***CLOSED***  Winners will be announced in due time...


Ready for the next chance to win?
How heavy/big will this baby be?
To give a little background information (to make the guessing a bit easier):
BigMiss - birth weight was 3180g (about 7lbs) and I put on a total of 9kgs during pregnancy (incl baby)
MiddleMiss - birth weight was 3230g (about 7.1lbs) and I put on a total of 8kgs
LittleMiss - birth weight was 3220g (about 7.1lbs) and I put on a total of 5kg
So far I've put on 4kg total, though J insists that my bump is bigger than with the girls (you can see the bump here, taken three weeks ago)...
Make your prediction in the comments!
(In pounds or grams is fine!)
And the prize for this competition?
A very funky Yarn Pop wip bag in your colour of choice!
(This will be purchased and sent direct through an online store from the closest stockist to the winner's country of residence and the colour choice will be limited to available stock.  If supply to the winner is not possible, a similarly valued wip bag will be substituted.)
Just a few rules:
  • This competition closes at midnight (NZ time) 20 August 2012 and any entries made after that time will not be counted.
  • Please include a way to contact you if you are the winner or I will pick the next closest.
  • The winner will be determined after the baby is born (obviously!) and the prize sorted out with the winner in due time - please bear in mind the busyness involved with a newborn!
  • Any doubling up of winners will be determined by (i.e. if two people want to guess the same weight).
Scroll down or click here for yesterday's question.

Don't forget to check back again tomorrow for the last chance to win!


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  1. gosh you have been consistent. I'll go with the average and say 3200g

  2. You have been very consistent. I'll go with 3050g.

    saim24 on ravelry

  3. Im going with 7lb 6oz
    (sorry - that is a bit of a jup from the rest of your bubs)

  4. I like consistency. :). 3250g is my guess

    (Scruffie on rav)

  5. 3440 for this bub, my 4 increased in weight as we went along... yours might too!
    All the best,

  6. I'm going to guess a little bigger than the last 3 babies, so 7lb 3oz :)

    (Miss-Shelley on rav)

  7. Hmm, 7pounds, 7ozs.
    I reckon bigger. ;)

  8. Kelly (gurnard on Rav)August 14, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    8lb 2oz!

  9. maritere on Rav

    7lbs 5oz

  10. 6 pound 15 is my guess!
    Kristie1983 on rav

  11. 3450g :)

    KiwiFi on Rav!

  12. 7lb 3 oz

    AKA KnitWytch on RAV

  13. I reckon 3320 ... onikey on rav :-)

  14. 3.3kgs catrienkilpatrick on ravelry


  15. 7lb 6 0z...sahm (rav)

    all the best.

  16. It will be less but superbly healthy. My guess is around 2850gms.

    sowmyakrishna on rav

  17. I guess 3345 gms

    Laurel10 Ravelry

  18. 3150grams

    mychildrensmother on Ravelry


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