Competition #1 - When?

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***CLOSED***  Winners will be announced in due time...


I'm about three weeks away from my due date for this baby so that means it's competition time!
I love guessing games, especially baby guessing games, so I thought I'd let you guys do the guessing and the best guess gets the prize!
I'll have three different competitions/things you need to guess and the person who guesses the closest will win the prize for that competition.
So, first up:
When do you think this baby will arrive?
To give a little background information (to make the guessing a bit easier):
BigMiss - scan date was 16 June, born on 9 June at 1.35pm
MiddleMiss - scan date was 5 November, born on 30 October at 3.00am
LittleMiss - scan date was 8 February, born on 5 February at 11.52pm
Scan date for this baby is 3 September...
Make your prediction in the comments!
(If you want, just say a day, or include am/pm, or even predict a time - it's totally up to you!)
And the prize for this competition?
Two skeins of Cascade Heritage Silk in the colour of your choice - enough to knit the largest size of my Wasabi Cardigan.
(This will be purchased and sent direct through an online store from the winner's country of residence (i.e. Tangled Yarns in Australia for an Australian winner, etc) and the colour choice will be limited to available stock.  If no local online shops stock the exact brand, a similar available yarn will be substituted.)
Just a few rules:
  • This competition closes at midnight (NZ time) 19 August 2012 and any entries made after that time will not be counted.
  • Please include a way to contact you if you are the winner or I will pick the next closest.
  • The winner will be determined after the baby is born (obviously!) and the prize sorted out with the winner in due time - please bear in mind the busyness involved with a newborn!
Check back tomorrow for the next competition!


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  1. how exciting, a new baby !! I'm going to go with sequences (as i love a good one) so my response would be 6th. sept.
    6.9.12 (multiples of 3-pity it isnt the 3rd child!)
    good luck with the arrival.

  2. I love baby predictions! So I am guessing 28 August at 4am!

  3. I'm guessing 29 Aug (which was my Mum's birthday) at 8am.

    Enjoy your last few weeks with bump!

  4. I'm guessing 1st September sometime in the wee smalls (ie. just out of August).

    Good luck and I'll look forward to the announcement. That would be prize enough for me as I LOVE birth announcement information.

    saim24 on rav

  5. Humm - you have gone slightly early with all of them - I would like to say September 1st as it is my Dad's Birthday and I love Spring Babies. But I think that I will go with August 28th - In the wee hours of the morning. Somewhere between midnight and 2am.
    mealyandi at hotmail dot com

  6. I'm going with August 28. I'm thinking at night, so either before 6 am, or after 6pm.

    (scruffie on rav)

  7. I think the fourth baby has a mind of its own and is rarely in a rush - 3rd September in the afternoon seems like a fine time.
    Good luck!

  8. how exciting... I'm going to guess pm on the 27th... all the best!
    (Miss-Shelley on rav)

  9. ok, I reckon September 1st, in the evening, just like me!

    Best of luck!

  10. Kelly (gurnard on Rav)August 14, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    My Leo's due date was September 3rd, and he arrived August longest cooked baby LOL

    I'm going to guess September 30.....just because it's NOT the same day as Leo ;) at 1700hrs or thereabouts

  11. maritere on Rav

    Sept 1 at 10 PM

  12. I guess 21st Sept ;)
    Kristie1983 on rav

  13. I think Kelly is going to lose LOL - 30th September??

    I'm going to say 2nd September at about 8am because thats fathers day, and what a perfect time for daddy to get a new bundle :)

    KiwiFi on Rav!

  14. August 29th at 1.50AM
    I love babies and competitions lol
    Good luck with baby
    AKA Knitwytch on RAV

  15. Hmmm.. 26th August, 6:56am (after a short, easy labour & a good night's sleep!! We can only hope..)

    (novanz on rav)

  16. to follow your pattern of, 7 days early, 5 days early, 3 days early therefore 2 September. One day early.

    :D (McNutty on Rav)

  17. Guessing 31st August at 4am. Ooo squishy newborn snuggles not far away!
    Mrsmov on rav :)

  18. 3rd Sept around 9am in the morning

  19. 2nd Sept between 3-4am
    (sahm on rav)

  20. Lovely!!! to have a fourth baby at home I mean. I am guessing it will be 2nd september.

  21. forgot my add. it is sowmyakrishna on rav

  22. Laurel10 Ravelry

    I think baby will be born on the 1st September. Good luck and best wishes


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