Tiny Toes

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I made a little mention of starting a baby sock last week.

I actually finished the pair!

They're so super cute and tiny.

Just to show how tiny!

These were knit in Knitsch Yarns Sock 'Pencarrow' using the pattern Cosy Little Toes (but without the fold-over top - I wanted them done quick!)

MiddleMiss saw me knitting the second one last night and asked me why I was knitting another sock - "Hopefully the baby has two feet!" I replied.

These actually knit up super quick and weren't that much of a big deal doing a second one (I get bad SSS - Second Sock Syndrome - and don't tend to make an actual pair) so I think I'll be using up all those left over balls of 4ply sock yarn I've got lying around making some more!

Next thing bubs needs (and I started it this morning) - a red hat!
(I'll explain why a red hat when it's done...)


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