My Needles Seem to Fly...

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I've been knitting like crazy lately.  Or so it seems with all the stuff I'm getting finished!

I think it helps that lots of it is small, so it's quick to make.

So here's a little run down on some of the stuff you saw blocking in a previous post:

I made this Paprika vest for MiddleMiss.

It was done as part of the Olive & Emma KAL on Ravelry.

The colourway is Baby Blue Eyes and is the perfect colour for MiddleMiss!

Though I was a little disappointed with the fit.  I chose the size according to her chest size (size 5yrs) but knit to her age length (size 7yrs) and pre-blocking it really didn't fit!  I managed to stretch it out a lot when blocking and it's ok now, but won't last long.

I do really like the cabling details on it though.

This is a little NB cardigan I made for a friend's new baby.

I had originally intended on using the apple chart from here, but the apples looked too big for such a little top so I sort of made up my own smaller version.

This was my third attempt at colourwork and I think I'm getting better, though it's still a little tighter than it should be!

This vest is one I've made before for my nephew.  This time, though, I changed the pockets and made the collar longer which I think looks much better.  Right now it's enroute to Canada to some friends who have just had their first baby (a boy) and with no appropriately aged babies around, I don't have any nice modelled photos.

The pattern is in-process - I just need a hurry up to do the little tweaks and send it off to testers!


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