Blocking Party at my House!

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I've decided that blocking finished knitted items belongs in the same category as sewing seams, weaving in ends and sewing on buttons.

That's the I Don't Like Doing It category in case you're wondering.

I was getting a little pile of FO's (finished objects) that needed all those things done to them so decided to sit down and just do it.

This was the (almost - couple of things still need buttons purchased/sewn on) final result:

Blocking-in-process of a few things to gift, a couple of things to keep some girls happy and a couple things for bubs.

With all this finishing and blocking, I'm feeling very organized with where I'm at with my knitting.  So much so, that I'm sort of at the stage of 'What to Make Next?'

I've got a few new designs in process that I'm just waiting on yarn for and a few submissions that I need to work on (but that's computer work not knitting as such).  There's also all the baby knits that I need to do, but half the work's in deciding what to make (and finding suitable patterns).  I did start on a baby sock last night though...

Do you dis-like the finishing-off of projects also?
Do you have a pile of just needs 'x y z' done then it's finished?
Do you have any suggestions for nice and quick baby knits?

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Joining in with the crafty folk over here again.

P.S.  I'll do posts later on the various knitted things above, once I've got modelled photos etc of them.


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  1. I really dislike sewing up, so I try and knit things in as few pieces as possible. Have to say that I've only tried blocking once or twice though, as I'm also too lazy/impatient to be finished. I've been told it makes quite a difference - perhaps I should persevere!?

  2. Yip I am a total procrastinator with things like must feel satisfying though to look at all your hard work laid infront of you :)

  3. Loved looking at all your adorable baby outfits in the blocking stage. I'm smitten with the hooded vest. The blue is so gorgeous.
    Finishing is always a challenge and also being satisfied with the look of a piece once complete, I can be very hard on myself if I deem it imperfect.


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