Help Me Out, Please

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I'm planning a little competition (or three...)

But what do I give away as prizes?

The problem is that I don't really know much about you as my readers.  I don't get that many comments to link back to blogs to read about you.  (I know somebody must read my blog as my stats tell me so!)

So I'd love a little help from you, please.

What sort of prizes would interest you?  I'm assuming most of you would be crafty folk (as my blog is mostly about crafty stuff - knitting in particular!) so was thinking craft supplies etc would be a start?  But as I don't have too much of a craft stash I was thinking that maybe online shop vouchers would be the way to go?  But what shops?  Knitting/yarn shops?  Sewing/quilting shops? And what country/ies? (I don't want to limit to only NZ people!)

I do have a small stash of NZ yarn, though mostly 4ply/fingering, that I could look through to give as prizes also?  Maybe with one of my patterns?  Or maybe a knitted-by-me item?

Make your suggestions in the comments!
(Maybe this could be a competition too?  Or an extra entry for the competitions to come?  Or maybe just an extra helpful thing to do?)


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  1. I just discovered your blog and all of the above sound good to me! I am in NZ but discovered you via Petite Purls. I always give all of their patterns a thorough perusal because as a parent who knits quite a bit, I love seeing all of the free kid-related patterns there.

    I also have three girls (2,4 & almost 8yrs) so if you're ever on the lookout for test knitters for girly patterns, get in touch (saim24 on rav). I've done one test knit for JustJussi before and my photo is actually the rav pic used to advertise the pattern.


  2. Hmm ... I'd say something knit by you, but that's because I know you're an amazing knitter but you will probably be time short once bubs arrives ... so an online voucher for wool from a NZ dyer is a pretty good prize I reckon (Olive & Emma, Joodlebug, RRHY??)

  3. Hi Amber I just found you and I am a very , very average knitter . I love seeing what others do , have a great day !


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