A Catch Up Post

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I'm in need of a quick catch-up post on the happenings going on around here...


I took part in another swap on Ravelry just before the school holidays.  It was a 'Small Things Swap' - minimum of 50g yarn, pattern to suit and small gift to go with it.

Here's what I sent off to my swappee, Kathryn:

65g of Spud & Chloe Fine in Anemone; a set of penguin buttons from Buttons by Benji; a bag of Wonka Fruit Tingles; a Knitter's Sticky Notepad from Vintage Purls; a project bag quickly whipped up by me; and I gifted the Kenna Button Top pattern through Ravelry.

And here's what I received from my swapper, Deborah:

50g of Naturally Waikiwi 4ply Prints in Khaki; an 'A' shaped notepad and pen for me; an iron-on applique and matching buttons for each of the girls and also for bubs; and I was gifted the Lacy Leaves Baby Hat & Booties pattern.


As we're nearing the middle of the next month, I'm expecting my next yarn club installments in the next week or two, so here's what came in last month's packages:

From Vintage Purls:
Photo borrowed from someone else's stash (as I didn't take one myself before eating the goodies)
100g VP sock yarn in colourway Mariana; Anchor Me sock pattern to suit; box of Pebbles (sort of a Cadbury version of M&Ms); silk zipped purse; little yarn monster (mine is all white with blue - I think - shorts); and the mandatory 'VP Sock Yarn Club Winter 2012' badge.

From Red Riding Hood Yarns (I chose to go with the boy's club this time as I figured that my big girls can wear any colours and I have a lot of girly colours already!):
Photo borrowed from the RRHY FaceBook photo album (yet another lack of photo from me before eating!)
200g (total) RRHY "Belle" 8ply superwash - 100g in Brown, 50g each in light and dark green; Leaf Hat & Mittens pattern by Sheryl Greenfield to suit (I also got the Cupcake Hat & Mittens pattern as you can choose to pay a little extra to receive both the girls' and boys' patterns); set of picinic-themed stitch markers from Angel Inspired; and a yummy chocolate Picinic bar.


There's two KALs happening on Ravelry that I really want to take part in.  One is for Jodulbug yarn and the other is for Olive & Emma yarn (both of which I have yarn and projects ready for). 

But as I committed myself to that scarf, I haven't been able to join in any KALs yet.  Though for the last two weeks (the school holidays, where I've had a bit more home time/knitting time) I have forced a monogamous relationship with it, which has really paid off...

I've gone from this:
Just over 1 1/2 pattern repeats (each repeat being 64 rows of 192 stitches!)

to this:
Just about 7 1/2 pattern repeats (I timed myself and the fastest I could do a row was 5mins - you figure out how many hours I've spent on it so far!)

...in just under two weeks.

The plan is to knit until I run out of yarn. The pattern says to do 9 repeats in total which I might pass by half a repeat.

Fortunately for me, both KALs are running until the end of August so I should still have time to join in once I finish the scarf.  Though, Jo (from Jodulbug Creations) is doing a spot prize draw this week for any project entered in the Jodulbug yarn KAL (whether finished or just started) so I was thinking I might just cast on her yarn tonight being that close to finishing the scarf anyway...
(once I pass the 8th repeat - I was 4 rows away from it this morning!)


I've had to buy some new clothes in the last two weeks.  I'm at that point where all my tops are just a little too short to cover the 'bump' (I usually wear low-cut jeans/pants so they sit under my tum and saves on buying maternity bottoms), which doesn't matter when you're at home but can be embarrassing when going out!  I'm just glad that modern fashion is all long tops now and stretchy ones too as it's a lot cheaper than buying maternity clothes that will only get worn for another 6-7 weeks.

Baby bump at 33 weeks

We're almost at the count-down now and I still don't have my office/sewing room turned into a baby room.  I've still got basically no clothes for the baby, but I'm counting on some hand-me-downs from my SILs that have been promised (mostly boys stuff, though).  I will be knitting something for bubs out of the Jodulbug yarn as well - the first knitted item for my own baby, how useless am I!?


So, what stuff have you been up to lately?  Please link me to your blog if you have one as I'm in need of some fresh blog-reading!


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