A Knitterly Update

It's school holidays here at the moment.

Which is why it's taken me this long to write a post! 
(I always try and spend extra time at work the week or so before holidays so I can spend less time there during them!)

A lot has been going on for me crafty-wise.  Knitting like crazy to finish things, buying yarn, getting yarn club parcels in the post and, would you believe it, I even did a spot of sewing!

So, here's a quick photo round up of a few things I've been knitting:

I knit this little NB hat for an online friend's new baby girl.  She's named Rose which is why I thought this was the perfect hat pattern for her!
It's Rosy Scalloped Hat by Tot Toppers/Kate Oates knit in Vintage Purls sock yarn (held double) colour Amythestos.

This is the progress I've made on my cardigan for LittleMiss that I first mentioned here (for Red Riding Hood Yarn's KAL).
It doesn't appear that it will be finished in time to be included in the KAL (even with the deadline being extended to the end of this week), though Hannah did mention that 'started, but not finished' can be included in the WIP category.

Because I couldn't see me finishing the cardi, I decided to whip up a quick cowl idea I'd been wanting to try for the girls to be included in the KAL.  This is based on the stitch pattern of the Big Herringbone Cowl and knit in RRHY's Riche (worsted/10ply) colour Sweet As Pie Light Trim (this was a custom colour Hannah dyed for the sleeves on my Sweet As Cardigan but I only used the darker trim).

As this colour was technically MiddleMiss' (as the cardigan is hers) the cowl had to be for her too.  Now I have to make another one for BigMiss as it was her that I'd promised it for first (but the yarn she chose wasn't RRHY so couldn't include in the KAL!)

And as soon as I've knit the next one, I'll be putting the pattern up for free on Ravelry!  (It's so simple and quick - knit on 10.00mm/US size 15 needles - that I got this one made in two evenings!)

Sharing with the other crafty types at My Creative Space.

P.S. I'll try catching you up on all the rest of my crafty stuff in posts to come - I have lots of fantastic new yarn dyers to talk about (and show off yarn purchases from!) as well as other things I've been working on.


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