Yarn Galore!

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So I've been spending a bit of money on yarn lately (my PayPal balance is rather empty).

But it's all gorgeous and mostly from new NZ dyers that I haven't tried.

First up:
Featherbrush Yarns Superwash DK in colourway 'Enigma'

This yarn I actually purchased a while ago (when I was buying yarn for the MYB swap) but I never posted about it on here.  Then, Rachel, the dyer, moved house and put the business on hold until things were all settled down.  She's just started up again with her first yarn stocking last Sunday and theres lots of great extras going up for sale in the shop lately, including WIP bags, stitch markers and cute handmade buttons.

I'm still deciding what I'm going to use it for, possibly something for the baby, though it is quite a boyish colour and we don't know what bubs is!

Olive & Emma 8ply Superwash in colourway 'Baby Blue Eyes'

This gorgeous yarn I actually 'won'!  Every so often, Emma, the dyer, runs a different kind of yarn stocking method via her FaceBook page called a Ballot Sale.  This is where for a certain period of time everyone that's interested in purchasing can comment 'sold' on the yarn photo and then, using Random.org, Emma draws the 'winner' of each colourway/yarn.  Normally it's a matter of first in, first served (and I never manage to be online at the right time!) so it was nice to be able to browse the yarn and not feel so pressured to make a split-second decision on the colourway I wanted the most.  And I figured, that because I won the only yarn I asked for, that it was meant to be!

This I was thinking would be either for the baby or MiddleMiss (this sort of blue suits her really well).  I figure a soft blue like this is fine for a baby girl (if that's what bubs is) when mixed with pink in the outfit (BigMiss wore blue and pink together as a baby).

Jodulbug Creations DK 8ply in colourway 'Squashed Snifters'

This yarn I had to have because of it's name.  And because it hadn't sold immediately (I thought about it for a full day saying 'if it's still there tomorrow I'll get it!'), I decided it was another meant-to-be!  Jo, the dyer, dyed up a collection of yarns to match her 'Memories of being a Kiwi Kid' moodboard and Snifters certainly hold memories for me too!

This I plan to use for bubs as there just isn't enough of it for anything decent for my girls and it really is a perfect neutral baby colour (not to mention I have several different chocolate browns in stash to choose from that will go nicely as trim yarn).

Knitsch Yarns 100% Merino Sock in colourways (clockwise from top): Odelay; Looking Glass; Pencarrow; Georgina and the Jellyfish

Last Saturday, J wasn't home and I'd just noticed the night before that Craft 2.0 was happening in Wellington.  So, as the house was tidy already and there was nothing else much pressing to do, I told the girls to get in the car and we would go for a ride.  An hour and a half later we were in central Wellington on a freezing cold windy day (when isn't it in Wellington?) looking around for Chaffers Marina.  We did manange to find it rather easily and the girls had fun looking around at all the stalls and deciding what to buy (they'd raided their piggy banks and had $20 each to spend).  A little while later we all came out with a parcel or two.

My purchases were all made at Knitsch Yarns' stall where I (foolishly, maybe?  I think you buy more yarn in person than online!) let the girls each pick a yarn for me to make them something out of.  BigMiss chose the Odelay for a hat, MiddleMiss chose the Georgina & the Jellyfish for some gloves/mitts (to match her cowl - the colour is similar, though it doesn't really look it from the photo), LittleMiss chose a teal-coloured DK called 'Peacock' for a cowl (my new pattern) and the Looking Glass & Pencarrow (as matching trim) are to be made into something for the baby.

The girls' purchases were pretty good too - they each came home with some type of hair accessory, a super yummy Gourmet Caramel Apple (you have no idea how delicious these are!) and a packet of fizzing sherbert.  And because I didn't feel like coming home so soon after driving all the way over, we went to Te Papa (NZ's national museum) for lunch and a look around (I love that it has free entry!) and were back in time to make dinner!

I also received two different yarn club installments in the last couple of weeks which I might do a post about another time as there are still some international parcels to arrive.


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