A Break from the Rain

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Living in an area of NZ that has a great proportion of dairy farmers makes you more aware of the benefits of rain.  Especially when most of your family and friend-base live rural/are dairy farmers.  We were getting near drought conditions, but I don't think that's much of a concern anymore.  The paddocks are long and lush and the water tanks are filling up.

But in all reality I was a little sick of it.  (Our little 'Piece of Paradise' is in town and doesn't need grass to feed stock or water tanks filled.)

It wasn't just rain, it was hot and humid to go with it.  The sort of rain that makes things grow like the tropics.  I love it for the garden, but not for the lawn.  I had to mow it this morning.  I'm sure it took me almost two hours.  I had to empty the catcher after each down-and-back length (that's about 12 or 13 times)  and the trailer was already full to start with.

Though you should see our strawberry patch!

But today is finally a rain-free day and not the burning hot summery kind.  It's a breezy overcast summer day, perfect for a photo-shoot.
This is LittleMiss in the DK/8ply version of my Clara pattern.

It's not for LittleMiss, it's a (rather belated) birthday present for her cousin who is the same age.

Though she did have fun posing for me.

It's currently with the testers and hopefully will be ready for release mid-January 2011.

This will most likely be my last blog post before Christmas if not for the year.  So I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and holiday period, and I'll see you again in the New Year!


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  1. OH, I LOVE IT!!!! I wish I could be a tester!! I've never knit any lacy things, but I think my daughter would LOVE this top! I guess I'll have to wait. A cute top and a cute girl!

  2. I love that upside-down photo. Apparently she's veeeeerrry happy with her present!


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