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We don't have TV, but we do watch DVDs a bit and I like to knit when we do (stops me from chewing my nails!)  As we have to have it dark I can only knit things that don't need major counting or direction following.  Usually the easiest thing is to have a stocking stitch knit to do.  My latest project for movie knitting has been Olearia for one of the girls (who ever it fits!) in some pink BWM left over from a skirt I knit for my niece.  I knew I wouldn't have enough wool so ordered some more in the same colour, joined it in and carried on knitting...

As I only knit this in the dark and didn't look at it in the light until I was wondering if it was long enough to finish, I didn't notice that my new pink is a different dye lot:

As you can see, I've done a lot in the new colour.  I'm now deciding whether or not to rip it back to the garter stitch and join in the new colour there as it won't be that noticable.  Though in some lights you can hardly see it at all unless you look for it:

I'm such a perfectionist that it will probably annoy me too much if I just left it.  Oh, well, we're only halfway through the series of Alias so I'll have lots more movies nights to do it again!


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  1. Honestly if you hadn't said anything I would have
    a)maybe not noticed or
    b)thought it was intentional
    but I can well understand your frustration. I like the subtle tone difference, it's looking lovely. xo

  2. Add a ribbon trim! So many color-change sins can be concealed with a handy sewn-on ribbon or three :)

  3. We love watching 'TV' on DVD. Right now we're working our way through Lost from the first season...because NOW, NOW Haki decides he can buy into it. /sigh


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