Quick Knits

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Sometimes it's nice to take a break from larger knits and do a nice little project.  It gives you the satisfaction of a finished object quickly.

BigMiss had her 7th birthday last Wednesday and I had the great idea of making her some mitts to keep her hands warm on the walk to the school bus in the mornings - but only when I had a week left to get them done!

After a quick search on Ravelry I couldn't find too much that I liked so I took a basic idea of a cable rib pattern, used a glove pattern I had in a book to get a rough idea of stitch count and made it up.  I didn't want the gauntlet style like most mitts are, but individual finger holes are not that easy for kids to get on and off themselves so I compromised and made two "finger" holes that fit two fingers in each.  The outside 'hole' is sloped to follow the natural shape of the palm and not cover the little finger too much.

Please excuse the pink-ink fingers!

The pattern is only on the cuff and top of each hand with a stocking stitch palm.  I'll write up the pattern sometime soonish and post on here if anyone's interested in making their own.  The ribbing makes them fit a good range of sizes - my 4yr old tried them on for me as I made them, and Kahli has heaps of room in them also.  These were made in Mist Me? sock wool by Vintage Purls.

And to join in with the KAL (knit-a-long) for Budding Designers Downunder, I made this Poppy beanie to match a Rainbow Dress I made for my niece.  But, unfortunately, it doesn't fit her and I ran out of wool so can't make it any bigger.  At least it looks cute!


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