The Joys of Internet!

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I've had rather limited internet access for a while now.  Limited because the modem doesn't have a permanent home at the moment.  It requires being plugged in with the power cable reaching one way and the adsl cable reaching as far as it can the opposite way across the dinner table and then the ethernet plugged into the laptop.  This is because the phone jack is in the middle of the wall a million miles away from any power point.

But the other day I had the brilliant idea to try out the wireless modem that's been hanging around in my office at work for ages doing nothing.  That way I could connect it up to the phone jack in the bedroom, hide the modem out of sight under the bed and be on the net anywhere in the house.

I found out pretty quickly why the wireless modem had been hanging around not in use at work.  It is soooo slow, almost as bad as dial-up (though it's been a while since I had that so might not remember accurately).  Pictures take forever to appear or it just crashes.

So, I'm still having to try and do my internet catch-ups only when I have free time to set it up at home.  Or when the table isn't in use for meals or very important kid-crafty sessions.  Or I just have to get it all done at work (don't tell my boss).

Really I should just go back to the old set-up I had before I de-cluttered my lounge.  Except that Miss Z nicely broke the extension phone cable that was necessary.  So I have to buy a new one first.  Then I will be updating here a bit more often (hopefully).

I have a few knitting projects I've been working on to show too.  When I can get on the net next.


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