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This is almost what it's been like here today.  I love the rain, but the school bus wait this morning was rather wet.  And for some reason BigMiss & MiddleMiss don't like to wear their rain jackets on the bus, so off they come as soon as the bus arrives and I have to carry them home again.  At least none of the girls mind getting wet (LittleMiss especially likes seeing how deep she can go in the puddles before her socks get wet through her shoes - might have to put her in gumboots tomorrow).  I refuse to get in the car just to drive 100m down the road so they can sit in the dry, there is a shelter to stand under anyway.  I did decide it was a bit too wet this afternoon, though, and took the car.  But the afternoon bus stop is the other side of the main road and up a bit further with no shelter so it's justified (I think).

With this lovely wet weather you'd think I'd have lots of knitting to show, but I don't as today was a work day.  Though, I might get a better chance at it tomorrow as I feel a bad cold coming so might persuade LittleMiss that we don't need to attend the library program as the grocery shop might take all my energy as it is.  And my sister is over for the weekend so I thought I'd put in a great effort and try and get her other sock made to take home with her.


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