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I was a bit sick of the pink blog I had.  Pink's not really my colour anyway.  So I've been having a look around for some nice backgrounds/templates etc (I don't really have time to fiddle with the html too much myself so templates are easier).  I found this one and really like the way it brings the cosy keeping-warm-in-winter feel.  (A feeling that is very important in our family's line of work - selling logfires!)  So I had to use it.  I like the layout of it all too - not too narrow posting etc.  And I especially love the link bar that came with it!  I will be filling it up with links as soon as I start posting relevant stuff.

I also found a good article about how to make a blog attractive.  Most of the tips given I do anyway, but the main thing I need to work on is to keep my posts short!  I try and say too much, I know.  So, from now on I will try to post more often and only focus on one thing (item of knitting etc) instead of everything I've been up to.  Even if it means several posts in a short space of time to catch up all my projects!


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