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Right, just a quick update.  I can never find my needles and that's usually because they're all in projects.  So I've decided to try and finish a few projects (or at least free up the needles in use).

So the first thing I finished was my Heart of Glass sock (yes, singular - not the pair):

The next project I tackled was a pair of longies that I was half-way through the waist band so quickly freed up the needles in them (I still have to do the legs so they're not finished properly either).

Then I decided that I would finally finish my sister's sock (yes, singular again - but only cos I want her to try it on before I do another one and find they don't fit):

And I've picked up my jersey I'm designing to do some more on that.

I'm also slowly working through the Olearia I'm making too:

But I've also cast on a new project too:

This is Theodora for a KAL with the Vintage Purls group on Rav.

And lastly, I started and finished (actually, ran out of yarn) a scarf for another KAL on Rav:

This is Urban Shells for the Budding Designers Downunder KAL.  It was a nice change as it's not knitting, it's crochet.  But I might be doing it again as it's too short for a proper scarf.  It did it in Vintage Purls 4ply double stranded so I figure if I do it in single strand it should end up longer, hopefully.

Anyway, need to set the table for dinner before J gets home very soon so I might come back later/tomorrow and tidy this post up a bit.


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