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No, I'm not having one (yet).  I've spent the better half of the week on the internet entering as many as I can.  Sew, Mama, Sew! was hosting a 'Giveaway Day' on Monday where anyone who wanted could have a giveaway on their blog and be linked to from the Sew, Mama, Sew blog for people to enter.  And now my blogroll has probably doubled in length as I've added so many new and interesting blogs to it.  (And my house is a neglected mess, dinners have been quick and easy all week, not much knitting has been done so today is tidy-up/catch-up day - at least we're going out for dinner!)

I tried to only enter competitions for stuff I actually wanted, not just anything.  If I win things (a rare occurance) it always seems to be the thing I least wanted or needed.  My theory (when you enter multiple competitions at once) is that you won't win everything, you probably will win nothing, but if you do win something you'd rather win something you want.  The last competition I won (entered all the competitions in the mag at the time) was two glass baby bottles which was a bit pointless for me as my youngest was 3 at the time - well out of bottle use.  They got given as baby gifts to my SILs.

Anyway, hopefully I win something this time - I'll let you know!
(And congrats to Rachael for winning that cute rainbow purse!  Did you win anything else?)


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