For Mum

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My Mum came down to visit for my birthday this weekend, so I decided to get out her socks that I'd made ages ago and finish them.  They had never made it to her as one had a small hole made by some naughty puppies we had in residence over December (the babies of our dog, Ima).  I asked for advice on Ravelry and was shown a very helpful video on how to fix it up.  So, this morning before they left, I quickly fixed up the hole, sewed in the ends and let her try them on to take home with her:

Unfortunately, the yarn (Vintage Purls 'Glamour Girl') is probably too varigated to show the design good.  This is Bloomin' by Jeannie Cartmel and looks much better on a plain colour as you can see the nice flower design.  Anyway, she likes them and thinks they're nice and warm and that's all that matters.

Also, to save myself the hassle of redoing my Urban Shells scarf to make it longer, I decided to just ask Mum's opinion on whether she'd wear it as a small scarfette instead.  She said it was good enough so got to take that home with her also:

It just needs a brooch or something to keep it in place.


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