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I have discovered that I have non-normal dimensioned girls.  This is a real pain when trying to buy clothes.  All my girls have no bum, are average height for their age and slim everywhere.  As an example of what I mean - I took BigMiss' measurements and her waist is size 5, her hips are size 4 and her leg length is size 6-7.

BigMiss was desparately in need of a new skirt and J promised her on Monday that she would have a new one by Sunday or he would personally take her shopping (forgetting that he was going to be too busy until then anyway).  So I went to every shop in town that sells kids clothes in her size and could barely find one or two skirts per shop and all too short.  Obviously the fashion is either pants/leggings or short ra-ra style skirts with footless tights etc underneath this winter.  In one shop I found a 'knee-length' skirt that I would've had to buy a size 4 or 5 to fit her in the waist (she's coming up 7 this June).  So my only alternative was to either spend a day in the city (we get the choice of either Palmerston North or anything 'over-the-hill' - Wellington etc - being centralised here in the Wairarapa) and maybe still come away empty-handed, or I could be aventurous and try make a skirt for her.  (My last two attempts at skirt making last year for BigMiss were too big and still don't fit her yet).  I have a small collection of Ottobre pattern books so decided to take some decent measurements and work out what I could make her that would actually fit for a change.  And, starting only on Friday afternoon, here is what I made:

Please excuse the crinkles - she'd left it dumped on her bedroom floor

And here's a close-up of the embroidery I did on it:

This was done with a varigated embroidery thread with a standard reinforcing stitch.  I put beads around the outside and centre of the flower.  This was just drawn on with washable fabric pen (you can see I forgot to wash it off at the bottom).

And this got me so much in the vibe (I haven't done any clothing sewing for ages!) that I decided to make LittleMiss a skirt also.  Not that she really needs one, but I had material and she was home to measure so I did:

Opps, needs an iron

This was some baby cord I'd got through TNN a while ago and some burgundy twill I got off Trade Me ages ago.  The only thing I had to buy for it was the ribbon.

Of course, when the other two get home from school today I'll have MiddleMiss demanding her one next so have to start looking through my patterns to decide on what to make for her.  Except there's not much point til I know her size as she is my most awkward.

In my last post I talked about the Eden I was knitting for LittleMiss.  I decided to do the duplicate stitch design I was planning even though I didn't really like the singlet.  And I've changed my mind on the singlet now and actually really like it:

This is knit in Utiku Baby Merino 4ply in Cream with Pink duplicate stitch.  I got the design out of a library book.

And to show you how much LittleMiss likes both her new clothes:

I'm about half way through my next Eden for BigMiss (or MiddleMiss if it fits her better) and have a design in mind to dress it up.  I've modified the neckline a bit as I find it a little high at the front.  I think I probably won't get it done in time for the end of the competition though.


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