No Photos

I think the main reason I'm rather slack with posting is I feel that a post with no photos is a boring post and I'm terribly lazy at taking and uploading photos!

But really a post with no photos is better than no post at all isn't it?

So, an update on what I've been doing...
(And maybe there will be photos next time.)

I've decided that I liked the look of a pattern in a book I got from the library the other day but of course it wasn't quite something I'd actually knit to the pattern.  It's seamed to start with and I'm really terrible at actually finishing things like that (I have a nice jersey I knitted for my #3 that was completely finished except I just had to sew in the last sleeve and she could wear it - it's still sitting in my craft chest in the shed - size 1 and she's 4 now).  It's a saddle shoulder/drop sleeve style which I really don't like as they always look so homemade and ill-fitting very quickly.  The back and front are knitted the same - which means a high neckline which my girls won't wear.  And the pattern's only a size 1, 2 or 3 which none of my girls are anymore.  So anyway, I decided to make my own version, knitted seamlessly, top-down, shaped neckline, and in 10ply to make it go faster.  It's proving to be a fun challenge so far - I'm starting top-down with a collar...

Hopefully, if all goes according to plan I should be able to write up the pattern in a future post!

What else I've been up to is finishing the test knit for Celia I was doing - just have to block it now then I'll take photos and put it up on my rav project page.  I've also been (forcing myself to) finishing the two baby gifts I've had sitting around for ages.  One is a Spring Butterfly for a friend's baby - I just had to block it and put on buttons, but decided I didn't really like the ruffle hem so undid it and redid it in the 'little arrowhead' lace pattern off the rainbow dress pattern.  It looks lots better and (still) just needs blocking then I can gift it.  The other one was a Rainbow Dress for my niece which I did actually finish just the other day but didn't like either.  I did the 'little arrowhead' lace hem but was a bit short on the contrast wool I had and had to do the garter finish in the main body colour.  It seemed to make it look too long and just wrong so I undid it and did a 6-row garter with a picot cast off and it really looks good now.  Just hoping SIL likes it as she's rather fussy with things like that.

And I've also picked up my VP sock club sock again that I started ages ago - Heart of Glass and have done a bit more on it now.  I love the last installment so I'm forcing myself to finish this one first before I start that one.  (Heart of Glass is the first installment and I haven't even thought about starting the second one yet!)
I'm thinking about doing the Winter club too...


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