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I knew when I started this that I'd be a useless blogger...

Anyway, my knitting took a bit of a break during Feb as morning sickness was worse when I sat down and did kntting.  But I did (just) manage to finish the Budding Designers Downunder KAL that I had high hopes of doing two of:

This is my Vanilla soaker done in NB size to match the Looking Glass Longies that I'd made ages ago.  Don't tell anyone, but I haven't sewn in the ends on the soaker or one of the legs of the longies.  And you can see that neither have ties yet.  And they still look the same now (Aren't I useless?)

And this month I've manged to get the KAL done with time to spare, which is a good thing as it's a birthday present for my niece who turns two on Wednesday (31st):

This is the Arwen skirt made with BWM classic.  I'm a bit nervous that it will be too short for her, but at least it's easy to add another frill if I need to.

I'm currently working on a test knit scarf in a lace pattern which I'm about halfway through.  This will be for me which will make a change from most of my knitting as it's all for everybody else (gifts or kids).  I'm useless at taking photos so don't have anything to show yet, but I'm doing it in VP sock yarn, colour Denim Love.

Anyway, off to my midwife app now to make sure we're all good and growing and to organise when to go for a scan etc.  LittleMiss is quite excited she gets to hear the baby, except she's expecting to hear it crying!  The other two were disappointed they have to be at school and don't get to come so I might see if we can do a scan when they can all be there.


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