Been a while so lots to report!

Where to start?

I've been getting a lot of knitting done lately...a lot of things finished.

I finally finished the OL I was doing for BigMiss

Very happy with how it turned out and it gets the approval of BigMiss so she will wear it! (Always important after all that work).

I also started and finished the Elenka I was planning for LittleMiss.  I did this more as a tunic/top instead of a dress as I figured it'd get more use that way.  Made with BWM cotton in 8ply with the 4.5mm needles as the pattern said so it's turned out loose and light - very summery.

And another one that is loved so will be worn.  She loves it so much she had to dress her doll in it today (too cold for her to wear).

And, not really a finished item, more a 'got round to blocking' is my Bloom for MiddleMiss

And another favourite item too!  This I knit with Cleckheaton Tencel Wool which is very silky feeling and drapes nicely in this.

So now all my girls have a knitted summer top from me (BigMiss' is the Tropical Lily I made a while ago and has been getting good use).

And to show how much they enjoyed their 'photo shoot' (and climbing the apple tree) here's a nice group photo:

couldn't get them all without leaves/branches in the way

And I have also finished the Spring Butterfly I was making for a friend's new baby, but that hasn't blocked yet so no photos.

But, I have also cast on a couple more projects too.  I'm doing a Rainbow Dress for my SIL's new baby and have decided to enter the comp/KAL on Budding Designers Downunder for Kelly's Vanilla.  I'm doing the NB Vanilla and it is sooo cute and tiny!  I've finished up to the change in needle size and I don't think I have a KP 3mm circ...which is tempting me to buy a new one from Vintage Purls (and you HAVE to buy yarn while you're at it to "save" on postage) so it might have to wait until next week to finish.

Buying yarn.  That reminds me, I got a nice package of Peaches & Creme cotton in the post this morning destined to become dishcloths (never done them yet, but such a good idea!) that I still have to take a photo of.  But I might hold off until tomorrow when I'm expecting my (latest) VP order.  She had DK Merino this week and it was a one off wool so I couldn't help myself blush.  And also to take photos of is my VP Summer Sock Club that arrived yesterday!  So exciting as it's my first sock club.  So far I've been good and haven't cast it on (very tempted) but I'm trying to discipline myself to finish my sister's sock first.  (I'm only doing one as I intend to send it off to her to test for fit before I start the next one.)  And somehow I need to figure out how to stop myself from looking on the VP website every Monday as I'm spending WAY too much!  Self control is not something I seem to have much of!


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