Completions Finally!

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Here's some of my latest:

Spring Butterfly in Utiku Watermelon and Peony Rose trim for a friend's new (well in December she was new) baby girl.  I knit this in 3mth size and I'm not sure it'll fit her anymore as I only gifted it yesterday.  I had it sitting around needing ends sewn in and blocking done, but I never really liked the ruffled hem.  So I finally changed the hem, sewed in the ends and blocked it last week.

My other finally finished project I nicely forgot to photo before gifting so I'm waiting on my SIL to send me a photo or two to update on here and Rav with.

And my other latest FO is one I managed to get done in a timely fashion - it's always good to have deadlines!

This is a test knit for Celia on Rav.  It's called Salsa Verde and is a really neat scarf/stole pattern in either 8ply or 4ply.  You knit the scarf starting from each end and meet in the middle where you graft it together.  The pattern is in both written and graph format.  I'm not too sure when she's hoping to release the pattern, but I suppose sometime next month.
This was really hard to get a nice photo of (or maybe I'm just useless at getting nice pictures).  There are three different lace patterns and a small amount of stocking stitch in the middle (to keep your neck warm).  I knit this in Vintage Purls Denim Love.

I do actually have another FO that I just blocked today, but haven't got a photo of yet.  I love competitions and Tikki was having one for her newly released pattern, Eden.  I thought it would be a good excuse to make some nice winter singlets for the girls.  I've knit my first one in 4ply but I'm not that happy with it.  I knit it straight off a knitted top I hadn't frogged yet in Utiku Merino Baby 4ply and probably knit it up too loosely.  It knit up really ugly and kinky as you'd expect from unravelled wool but I thought it would flatten and improve with blocking.  It has flattened but it still has the holey look from being knitted on too-big needles for the yarn weight.  I was hoping to work a design in duplicate stitch on the front but don't think it'll work well over the loose stitches.  I might give it a go anyway, though I have started the next top in two strands of the Utiku 3ply (mixing white and cream so this will be interesting also).  At least LittleMiss really likes it and it is nice and soft and fits well so it will get good use for warmth as intended - I just don't think it's competition entry material, that's all.

And here's a sneak-peak of my first attempt at designing:

I'm trying to go for a unisex design with the cables and rib as there seems to be a lot of girl stuff out there and not much boy stuff (can you tell I'm starting to think about boy stuff now - just in case?)  Though LittleMiss (when trying it on her) said the collar wasn't as nice as the one on her (store-bought) knitted cardigan/jacket which made me think I might be able to do a jacket version of this too as more specifically girly.

I'm not sure what to call it?  When it's knitted is it a jersey, a pullover, a tunic, or what?

And I already have my next design in mind too, more suited for boys...


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