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A little bit of inspiration from me today...

That's the sort of thing that makes you want to finish knitting the winter woolies!  This was the hoar-frost this morning on the trampoline (and everything else too).  But the bird's don't seem to mind it too much.  Here's what we saw (and had to go back with the camera) on the way to the bus stop this morning:

A tree full of tuis.  We always go past a big gum tree and often see a tui or two, but today there would've seriously been more than 10, maybe 15 all fighting for the best nectar.  They have such a distinct sound and the girls recognise it real well now and know to look for one when they hear it.  I always think it's funny to see them in a gum tree, though!

Anyway, on the creative side, I got a lovely package in the post this week.

Picture courtesy of Little Country Wools

Some Malabrigo Worsted in Blue Surf colourway from Little Country Wools.  It's my first Malabrigo.  I've heard so much about this wool that I had to try it out.  This I plan to turn into a nice winter accessory of my own design.  Don't want to give away too much yet, but I'll be sharing the pattern when it's done.

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  1. What a freezing morning! Your new yarn looks lovely, have fun with your new project xo

  2. Whoa that's chilly.....Love the malabrigo I want some.

  3. arrghh... you can keep your frost! But I would love your blue wool. It looks beautiful! Love the colour & it looks nice & snuggly! Show us what you make with it though!

  4. everybody keeps talking about this malabrigo. i'll have to find an aussie provider i think..

  5. How cool is that tree full of Tuis?! The noise must have been incredible!! Love the wool.

  6. Heya! Hore-frost? Today we have sun, sun, sun and the temp is supposed to go up to 29! It's a day of vacation from the rainy season, so I'm loving every minute of it! Bet I made ya jealous! Hee hee. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Come on over and visit anytime!!


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