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Just a quick update on what I've been knitting lately...

This is the other sock for my sister.  She was down for the weekend so I'd been working furiously to get it finished to take home with her.  She didn't have the first sock with her so I couldn't get a pair shot, but at least I got to see they fit her!

This is where I'm up to on my Theodora sock (not a very good photo as it was taken at night).  I'm past the heel and they're a nice fit - loose but not too loose.

The other thing I've been working on lately is a pair of mitts for BigMiss.  It's her birthday this Wednesday and I noticed the other day on the way to the bus stop that she was hiding her hands inside her jersey to keep warm.  I don't have any photos of them yet (one's finished and the other just needs the fingers done), but I'll try and get some modeled when she knows about them!

And I'm just about finished my pullover/jersey so I'll have the pattern up as soon as it's done and photo's taken (maybe this week if I'm not too busy with birthday party etc!)


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  1. ooh your socks are wonderful, i love them. i'm mid knitting my first pair and am so excited. thanks for visiting my blog. rochelle


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