Help Me Out Here, Please?

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If you visit my blog often, you might have noticed that I've change the colours, yet again.

I wasn't really that happy with the last template I'd used, though I don't know if I'm that happy with it all now either.

I would love to have my own logo to put on the header and that I could use for on my patterns.  But I'm not a graphic designer, or even have any software to do it with, let alone know what I actually want.

I love the logo for Red Riding Hood Yarns and how simple, yet perfect for the name it is.

Does anyone know of a cheap (or free) graphic designer?  Or have any ideas of what would be a good picture/logo idea to go with my blog name - What to Make Next?


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  1. Hi ! Do you do facebook ? There are lots of reasonably priced logo designers there . Not me - just in case you thought I was plugging myself .

  2. Red riding hood yarns and my logo for two little taniwha
    was created by a lady called Carol Beaumont. She has a blog here

    She is fantastic to deal with - tell her I sent you


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