Blogtober - Day 3 - I Haven't Fallen off the Wagon!

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I do realise I missed posting yesterday.

It's not that I forgot to post.  I chose not to.  I have a self-imposed rule of leaving Sundays computer-free.  (It would be tv-free too, but we don't do tv.)  It's nice to have a break, even if sometimes your fingers are itching for the keyboard and mouse...

I'm not really sure, though, if doing an extra post on either the Saturday or Monday is cheating*.  Is it cheating my rule to double my computer time on one day (ie two posts) just to be computer-free another day?  And is it cheating Blogtober to double-post one day to make up a 31-post total for the month at the end?

*Cheating is probably the wrong word here.  When there's no winning or losing, there can't really be cheating.  Maybe I should say "Am I being silly to double-post instead of just missing a day each week?"


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