Blogtober - Day 21 -

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It's been all excitment round here since the girls got home from school.

Labour weeked starts early for us as we're off up the country to visit my Mum for her birthday on Saturday.  It's a special birthday, but she'd prefer not to mention the age as it makes her feel old (doesn't having grandkids mean you are old?)

So we're going to drive all the way to the Waikato - a 6hr drive when there's good traffic and short stops.  But the bags are all packed already so we can leave nice and earlyish in the morning and just take our time and be there by dinner.

The girls are so used to long drives that it's never too big a deal for us.  We've always travelled with them to visit my family (who're spread out all north of here, the closest a minimum 6hr drive away) so to them it's normal. 
It was funny the last time we visited with my family.  It was my brother's 30th, and he lives 10hrs drive away (north of Auckland too, so sometimes just getting through there takes ages!)  We went up in one go on the Friday then broke it up on the way home by stopping at Mums overnight Sunday, but still took most of Monday to get home from there.  Then about a month later, we were visiting J's Oma in Upper Hutt (about 1 1/2hr away which everyone goes on about how far away it is), and the girls very innocently commented that "you don't live so far away, do you, Oma?"

I'm thinking of taking the laptop so I can keep up with the blogging etc, but we'll see what happens.  Though I noticed, reading Hannah's blog today that you can set things to auto-post.  It sounds interesting...


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