Blogtober - Day 5 - Renovations

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As of just last Tuesday, we have been subjected to early mornings and days full of banging and sawing.

This was our house before any changes happened:

Photo taken about a month ago, courtesy of one of the girls during a random photo-taking session.  (These sessions seem to be a common occurance - and it's amazing and interesting some of the photos they take.)

Since then, the fence has been taken down, half the concrete path has been taken up, my clothesline has been moved and the lawns are a bit longer!

By Thursday last week

Friday last week.



The builders have been here.

The girls have been loving it.  They've collected piles of sawdust and offcuts and made themselves a 'shop' that sells food of all descriptions.

Yesterday afternoon it was on the builder's work bench so it had to move today.  Here it is nicely set up on top of the dog kennel.

I asked the girls to take these photos themselves.

This is a cake.

These are hot-cross buns, bananas, and jam.

This is butter.

The stones in the corner are chocolate.  The big thing with the grass & sawdust is a cake too.

And they're quite entertained just watching the builders sometimes too.

The mornings are early because the builders turn up before 8am and we have to be dressed, breakfasted, beds made and curtains open before that.  Normally this happens, but it's supposed to be school holidays and I'm usually still in my dressing gown when J leaves for work at that time!

But I'm not really complaining as it's making me so much more productive on my home days.  I feel guilty if I sit down and do 'relaxing' things like knitting or surfing the internet (like I sometimes do) when other people are busy working hard outside.  So my house is spotless - dishes done, washing folded, lounge tidy - every morning (before morning tea time - helped by the fact that the apprentice always comes in to borrow the jug for their coffees and I hate people seeing my house in it's normal state of 'mess') and I'm doing more useful things.  Today it was drawing and cutting, but maybe more on that tomorrow...


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