Blogtober - Day 2 - This week's Mail

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This was the last installment in the Vintage Purls Winter sock club.  Even though it was a little later than it should've been (due to the non-superwash-batch issues Morag had) the timing seemed to fit in perfectly with the end of Winter - this week really has felt like Spring!

The yarn is a really nice shades of blue colourway - better than the photo shows!
The 'extras' were another design of sticky notes, a funky heart bead and the obligatory sugar (chocolate, my favourite!)
The pattern is another of her usual interesting and fun designs.  It has a main cable with lacy leaf design and two smaller twists/cables to either side.  The toe and gusset have matching increases which give a nice interest to the look.  I'm quite a fan of cables, so this might have to be started soon...


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