Blogtober - Day 11 - Back to School

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The holidays are over and routine has descended again.

BigMiss has a student teacher who will be taking the class for the next five weeks.  The teacher, Miss M, seems really nice and has some fun and interesting things she'll be teaching them during this time.  I always feel sorry for student teachers, though, mainly because I remember how much we tried them out when I was at school!  She seems to have a good warning/punishment system in place already, according to how BigMiss was explaining it.

MiddleMiss was all excited when she came home today.  She was telling me that when we got home from the bus stop I had to check the phone messages because Mrs V had left a message about her schoolwork (left during the time I was waiting for the school bus.)  Mrs V wants to try MiddleMiss with the Year 2 work as she needs to be challenged more.  She's been reading with the Year 2 reading groups for most of last term already and she's always complained about how easy Year 1 maths is.  She was quite excited she gets to have spelling words!

LittleMiss was happy to find out that her friend at kindy didn't have her birthday in the holidays so wasn't starting school yet after all.  Also, a girl had bought in a large crate with orphaned ducklings to show everyone and the kids were allowed to touch them which LittleMiss thought was great.  And all that she told for news was that MiddleMiss would be 6 soon (three weeks away so not really soon) and she would be 5 after the next school holdiays (February, but she's counting down already!) - nothing about what we've been up to these holidays or about the builders, but that's obviously not as exciting as birthdays coming.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow...


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