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This is almost what it's been like here today.  I love the rain, but the school bus wait this morning was rather wet.  And for some reason BigMiss & MiddleMiss don't like to wear their rain jackets on the bus, so off they come as soon as the bus arrives and I have to carry them home again.  At least none of the girls mind getting wet (LittleMiss especially likes seeing how deep she can go in the puddles before her socks get wet through her shoes - might have to put her in gumboots tomorrow).  I refuse to get in the car just to drive 100m down the road so they can sit in the dry, there is a shelter to stand under anyway.  I did decide it was a bit too wet this afternoon, though, and took the car.  But the afternoon bus stop is the other side of the main road and up a bit further with no shelter so it's justified (I think).

With this lovely wet weather you'd think I'd have lots of knitting to show, but I don't as today was a work day.  Though, I might get a better chance at it tomorrow as I feel a bad cold coming so might persuade LittleMiss that we don't need to attend the library program as the grocery shop might take all my energy as it is.  And my sister is over for the weekend so I thought I'd put in a great effort and try and get her other sock made to take home with her.


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I decided to write out my notes for my jersey design today.  I discovered why people tend to charge for their patterns and not give them away for free that often.  It's a lot of work just in the typing!  I've only done instructions for the one size so far, but plan on making two more jerseys for the other girls so should be able to work extra sizes based on them.  I'll post the instructions on here when I've properly finished the jersey (so I have photos to go with it!) and don't plan on charging for it! It's a great unisex design too.

Here's a progress pic of what I've done so far so you can have an idea of how it will look finished:


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No, I'm not having one (yet).  I've spent the better half of the week on the internet entering as many as I can.  Sew, Mama, Sew! was hosting a 'Giveaway Day' on Monday where anyone who wanted could have a giveaway on their blog and be linked to from the Sew, Mama, Sew blog for people to enter.  And now my blogroll has probably doubled in length as I've added so many new and interesting blogs to it.  (And my house is a neglected mess, dinners have been quick and easy all week, not much knitting has been done so today is tidy-up/catch-up day - at least we're going out for dinner!)

I tried to only enter competitions for stuff I actually wanted, not just anything.  If I win things (a rare occurance) it always seems to be the thing I least wanted or needed.  My theory (when you enter multiple competitions at once) is that you won't win everything, you probably will win nothing, but if you do win something you'd rather win something you want.  The last competition I won (entered all the competitions in the mag at the time) was two glass baby bottles which was a bit pointless for me as my youngest was 3 at the time - well out of bottle use.  They got given as baby gifts to my SILs.

Anyway, hopefully I win something this time - I'll let you know!
(And congrats to Rachael for winning that cute rainbow purse!  Did you win anything else?)


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For Mum

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My Mum came down to visit for my birthday this weekend, so I decided to get out her socks that I'd made ages ago and finish them.  They had never made it to her as one had a small hole made by some naughty puppies we had in residence over December (the babies of our dog, Ima).  I asked for advice on Ravelry and was shown a very helpful video on how to fix it up.  So, this morning before they left, I quickly fixed up the hole, sewed in the ends and let her try them on to take home with her:

Unfortunately, the yarn (Vintage Purls 'Glamour Girl') is probably too varigated to show the design good.  This is Bloomin' by Jeannie Cartmel and looks much better on a plain colour as you can see the nice flower design.  Anyway, she likes them and thinks they're nice and warm and that's all that matters.

Also, to save myself the hassle of redoing my Urban Shells scarf to make it longer, I decided to just ask Mum's opinion on whether she'd wear it as a small scarfette instead.  She said it was good enough so got to take that home with her also:

It just needs a brooch or something to keep it in place.


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Look what I got in the post yesterday:

I was bad last week Monday and spent too much time on the internet spending money (I also made a VP yarn purchase).  I justified it by the fact that I needed a cheer-up after losing the baby and associated doctor/hospital visits (and my lovely J must have thought so too 'cos he didn't protest like usual when the VP order arrived or these) .

So now I'm rearing to go with my trusty sewing machine again.  I just wish I had fabric!  But first I have to make a pile of nappies for my SILs that have been waiting for several months now half-made.  Ah, well, it's hurried along with the fact that somebody decided to order a Trial Pack even though my nappy-making is on hold for the year, so I really DO have to make nappies first.


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I was a bit sick of the pink blog I had.  Pink's not really my colour anyway.  So I've been having a look around for some nice backgrounds/templates etc (I don't really have time to fiddle with the html too much myself so templates are easier).  I found this one and really like the way it brings the cosy keeping-warm-in-winter feel.  (A feeling that is very important in our family's line of work - selling logfires!)  So I had to use it.  I like the layout of it all too - not too narrow posting etc.  And I especially love the link bar that came with it!  I will be filling it up with links as soon as I start posting relevant stuff.

I also found a good article about how to make a blog attractive.  Most of the tips given I do anyway, but the main thing I need to work on is to keep my posts short!  I try and say too much, I know.  So, from now on I will try to post more often and only focus on one thing (item of knitting etc) instead of everything I've been up to.  Even if it means several posts in a short space of time to catch up all my projects!


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Trying to finish...

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Right, just a quick update.  I can never find my needles and that's usually because they're all in projects.  So I've decided to try and finish a few projects (or at least free up the needles in use).

So the first thing I finished was my Heart of Glass sock (yes, singular - not the pair):

The next project I tackled was a pair of longies that I was half-way through the waist band so quickly freed up the needles in them (I still have to do the legs so they're not finished properly either).

Then I decided that I would finally finish my sister's sock (yes, singular again - but only cos I want her to try it on before I do another one and find they don't fit):

And I've picked up my jersey I'm designing to do some more on that.

I'm also slowly working through the Olearia I'm making too:

But I've also cast on a new project too:

This is Theodora for a KAL with the Vintage Purls group on Rav.

And lastly, I started and finished (actually, ran out of yarn) a scarf for another KAL on Rav:

This is Urban Shells for the Budding Designers Downunder KAL.  It was a nice change as it's not knitting, it's crochet.  But I might be doing it again as it's too short for a proper scarf.  It did it in Vintage Purls 4ply double stranded so I figure if I do it in single strand it should end up longer, hopefully.

Anyway, need to set the table for dinner before J gets home very soon so I might come back later/tomorrow and tidy this post up a bit.


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